ENATION DVD- Live From Nashville

ENATION DVD- Live From Nashville

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Release date November 11, 2016.

“Live From Nashville” is a 20 song DVD/CD that captures JJ + Enation's passionate performance and visceral energy during their sold out show in Nashville, TN. The concert captures many anthemic fan-favorites like “Cinematic” and “Everything Is Possible”, along with covers from bands who have inspired their music from artists such as R.E.M., U2, Pearl Jam, and Radiohead. The 90 minute concert film was produced by Hilasterion Records and directed by Timothy Hiehle. The music was mixed by GRAMMY® nominated producer Greg Archilla.

DVD Track List:

1. Intro (Live)

2. Ascending (Live)

3. Things You’ve Never Seen (Live)

4. Kicked In The Head (Live)

5. The Morning Of The Rain (Live)

6. The One I Love (Live)

7. Let The Beauty Out (Live)

8. I See God In You (Live)

9. The Hands Of Your Drug (Live)

10. Let Me Out (On Three) (Live)

11. All The Best (Live)

12. The Fly (Live)

13. The National Anthem (Live)

14. Exit Music (For A Film) (Live)

15. A Far Away Reality (Live)

16. In My Tree (Live)

17. Keep Asking Why (Live)

18. Cinematic (Live)

19. Everything Is Possible (Live)

20. Young World’s Riot (The End) (Live)