Matt Kennon Best of CD

The Best of Matt Kennon SIGNED CD

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The Best of Matt Kennon SIGNED CD featuring 2 new songs...
*Track Listing:
1. The Last Dirt Road
2. Damn Small Town
3. Love is STronger
4. The Call
5. Same Hometown
6. Mama Raised The Hell Outta Me
7. Some People Piss Me Off
8. Medal For A Broken Heart
9. You Can Still Wear White
10. Ain't Even Close
11. Then There WasYou
12. Drive It Like You Stole It
13. If I Was Any Kinda Man
14. You Had To Pick On Me
15.  Burn Bourbon Burn
16, I Don't Wanna Just Make Love
17. Midnight Jesus
18. Faithfully
19. When I Get Home
20. Wake Up and Smell The Whiskey