This summer has brought us many new clients and stores! These new clients include Aaron Lewis, Austin Moody, Chris Bandi, Mike Smith, Rob Hendon, and Swaggerty’s Sausage. We couldn’t be more excited to be apart of their business journey!

Aaron Lewis

Contemporary country artist, Aaron Lewis, was born in Springfield, Vermont and displayed a passion for music early on. He grew up listening to folk and was able to easily share his emotions through his music. His music is mostly focused on lifestyle and values, instead of where he was raised. Lewis has been very successful and established as a Grammy nominated and multi-platinum artist. Check out his new album “Sinner” when it releases on September 16th!

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Austin Moody

Austin Moody grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee and has had a love for music his whole life! He has performed ever since he was old enough to get on stage! At 18 years old, Moody packed up and left for Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in the music industry. Surrounding himself with influential people who share his vision has assisted him in reaching the position he is in now.

Check out Austin’s brand new online store here:

Chris Bandi

Chris Bandi is branding himself a little differently than most other country music singers in today’s country. He proudly promotes that there are no tractors, trucks or tailgates included in his music! He also has a mix of pop, rock, and country that separates him from other artists. After college, Bandi moved straight to Nashville and began writing songs with some of the best songwriters in the business.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith has many different titles, including singer/song writer, musician, recording artist, producer, label head, book author, and successful business entrepreneur. Hoping to make his name known throughout Music City, Smith is taking on the country music scene. His most recent and second country single is titled “Green Eyed Girl”.

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Rob Hendon

In 1985, Rob Hendon came to Nashville hoping to find a career in the music business. After graduating from Lipscomb, Hendon started working at Capitol Records, and then he had many executive positions on Music Row in the following years. Eventually, his love for music re-inspired his passion for painting. He discovered Nashville’s love for art, and he began to specialize in guitar paintings. He has many big name clients, and his work is also featured on a few television networks.

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Swaggerty's Sausage 

In business since 1930, Swaggerty’s Sausage has continuously made the claim that they produce the “finest premium pork sausage products”. Currently, the business is still run by the Swaggerty family in the small valley that it began in. They believe in distributing only the freshest pork sausage. Their products are shipped nationwide and available in most major retail stores.

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