Olivia Newton John CD- Portraits

Olivia Newton John CD- Portraits

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Olivia Newton John CD, Portraits, A Tribute To Great Women Of Song. Release date June 11, 2011.

"This CD was born out of love and respect for these singers and their songs- it pays tribute to some of the women who inspired, delighted and influenced me in the formative years of my career, or touched my life in some way..." (Olivia Newton-John on this engaging collection of the signature song of Doris Day, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Karen Carpenter, Julie London and others.

*Track Listing:

1. How Insensitive

2. Love Me Or Leave Me

3. Cry Me A River

4. Anyone Who Had A Heart

5. Where Have All The Flowers Gone

6. How Glad I Am

7. Lovin' You

9. Send In The Clowns

10. Summertime

11. Alfie