Tales From Yellowstone

Tales From Yellowstone Vinyl

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Kevin Costner and Modern West vinyl, Tales From Yellowstone. Release date June 19, 2020
**Track Listing
*Side A:
1.  Poison In My Heart
2.  Heavy Like Rain
3.  The Man I Am
4.  Won't Stop Loving You
5.  The Land I Call Home
6.  The Killer (featuring Jaida Dreyer)
7.  Dark Thoughs Ride
8.  Heaven's Gate (featuring Lily Costner)
**Side B:
1.  Halfway Home (featuring Teddy Morgan)
2.  Feeling Like The Last Time
3.  You Won't See It Coming
4.  Better Let Somebody Love You (Beth's Song featuring John Coinman)
5.  I've Been Looking (featuring Park Chisolm)
6.  We Don't Run
7.  Hymn of The Unrepentant
8.  The Land I Call Home (Insturmental reprise)